Monday, 2 May 2011


By Ed Tensoys

Yeah, I took me lad to see this film.  I tend to see him every other weekend, a couple o' days after I get me Unemployment.  If I've any money left I'll ask him if he wants to do owt, like and this time I 'ad just enough wedge left to watch a talky.

Any road, it starts of wi' these two pieces and a fella out in the desert, like.  Then it goes to like this barmy magic town and Tony 'opkins is there like, givin' it that.  Then I went to the foyer but they don't sell ale any more in't pictures so I kicked off din't I?  Anyroad, the manager said he'd leave it if I just got me lad and left.  I told 'im to ring the fookin' bobbies but then someone come out the screen we were in and said me lad was cryin' 'cause 'e'd come to look for me 'cause 'e din't want me to miss owt and seen me arguing with the staff and heard the police were coming.

Well, I went back in and found the soft cunt and while we was leaving there was a bit in the film where this big big fucker were kickin' off wi' this bird in a typhoon or summat:- She musta given 'im a bit o' lip, like.

Anyway, I kicked off a bit more and got me money back and that bloody lad o' mine even got some free sweets out of it.  Mind you 'e were still quiet for the rest of the day.

So in conclusion, me lad got some free toffee, we saw a bit of this film and killed 'alf an hour!  There were no drink involved mind so for that I give 'For' four ring pulls out of five.

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